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Chained under the fears of lies,failure,hatred,corruption and a dysfunctional friendhip is not the end of ride of life Not only to our professional journalists but to everyone there who is human…Sometimes forget the donts and focus and on the do’s. life still moves on…Am incredibly drowned into the thoughts of those who feel succumbed by this..and am ready to relenquish and establish a role that all humans out there feel secured in accordance to their human rights


Ties of lies:part 1

I know its hard to accept it and its hard for me to stop sobbing.                       I may not be perfect but am human she destroyed me..she destroyed my feelings and the man I am today.I will forever be greatful for the worst you are..I didn’t deserve all this..I loved you but you never cared I wished never to have consoled the love we had even at its breaking bridges.Kenyan women why!!……Our society is getting worse day by day.All this girls want is money and good lifestyle..but don’t know the meaning of hardwork..I don’t blame them and neither do I blame the so called “men sponsors”.I think its how africans have really embraced and walked along the western culture step.
I think relationships don’t work to many nowadays.We all can see In the likes of one of our own known TV presenter Betty Kyalo,the Kenyan media personality grace msalame and many others.

I personally support the media for encouraging the youths in creating platforms for them to express themselves and sharing out their stories.

I don’t know how am going to catch up on relationship terms.but it somehow hurts as a man what I go through its all because of her.She played with my feelings not only on recent times but all of the years I spent in highschool.

Boys out there have feelings too but no one reaches out for them.Sometimes I wonder love is not for us all but for the chosen few.

All those years!All those lies!..were you that hurtless?…the end is seen,drowning in the dark…I still want to be with you but I can’t help it..probably this was the end,but here is the beginning of me and her….And this is our story!